Hey! 👋

I'm Ashlee.

I have a site for blogs, but I have this .dev domain that's been sitting for a very long time and I want to give it some attention. This site will be for showcasing interesting projects I'm working on and listing topics or resources I'm interested in. I hope to build a shareable list of resources I enjoy and frequently recommend.

More about me

If you don't already know me, I'm a Disabled web developer and accessibility specialist. I have a degree in software engineering and have been working in tech since 2018. I currently get paid as a frontend web developer to work with React, TypeScript, Redux, Context, and Jest. Outside of the work I get paid for, when it comes to tech, I like to study and create content about web accessibility. Outside of tech, I like to knit, watch Grey's Anatomy over and over (it's my comfort show), and read. I'm also taking up skating this summer with my partner and am really looking forward to that!

More about this site

This is the only page right now, but I'm actively working on building up this site. I have a lot of projects I need to go through and prune and I also need to figure out what categories of resources I want to start with. Check back in a few weeks and you'll probably find something new here!